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Puzzle theme
 Zementblock - Posted on 09-23-17, 03:34 pm (rev. 1 by  Zementblock on 09-23-17, 08:38 pm)
Derelict Factory by Martboo48 (Newer) (rev37)

All credit goes to Martboo48, he is the creator of the level.

One of Martboo48's famous levels. This one will test your Puzzle solving skills to the limit!

The level has been updated for a friend of mine, who wants to put it into a hack. I converted the level so that it works with Newer and added some fail-safe mechanism to the level as was requested by my friend, and quite a few other changes.
The original level would crash at one point if attempted to play from Start to Finish. This is now fixed as well.

Martboo48 ► Level Creator