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08-14-17, 06:06 pm
Is saying "thanks" considered as useless posts now?
08-14-17, 06:21 pm
I'm glad you they're helpful to you.
08-14-17, 06:21 pm
Sorry, I meant that I'm glad that they're helpful to you.
08-29-17, 05:34 pm
Oh, never noticed! Thanks for telling me!
09-18-17, 04:45 pm
Hi there Fruit Smasher!
Cloudy Luigi
09-23-17, 08:55 pm
Thanks, I appreciate it!
10-03-17, 02:38 am
(sorry if I’m sounding rude here) Do you mind explaining why you deleted my post here ( Was it because it was useless? I was just simply answering Chickensaver’s question ("Oh... I'm late?"), saying that he is
10-03-17, 02:38 am
(CONTINUED) and so is me (9211tr), and that HorizonWii was up around 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM, EDT (way after I and he {Chickensaver} logged in and checked). Did you delete it because my post sounded rude? If you did, then I’m sorry if it sounded rude, I had no
10-03-17, 02:39 am
(CONTINUED) intentions of being rude to him.
10-10-17, 08:03 pm
I get a HTML500 when trying to fix my profile, can you please remove the entire thing? Hmm, I also can't edit my last post.
10-15-17, 08:47 pm
You're welcome.
11-07-17, 06:33 pm
thanks FruitSmasher
11-13-17, 10:59 pm
Wait.. what's the IP?
12-02-17, 01:34 am
Hey whats the ip for the server, can you pm it, im actually a bit interested
01-02-18, 11:14 pm
Thanks a lot fruit!
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Wow this is really cool!

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