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07-31-17, 05:49 pm
Why didn't you stickied those tutorials, like I asked you to?
07-31-17, 05:50 pm
OK, thanks.
07-31-17, 07:29 pm
Uhm, is it me or that views bar is a bit ugly ?
07-31-17, 07:33 pm
Oh lol, i didn't know you could do them while the board is online
08-03-17, 05:05 pm
Can i write another custom music tutorial ? The current one is confusing
08-09-17, 06:10 pm
Is it wrong if i reupload other's levels UNEDITED (with quality checked by me and credits appropriately given) over to the depo ?
08-10-17, 01:49 am
Memory offset lines do not patch any file, on the SD/USB or anything, it changes bytes at a specific low tion in the Wii's RAM (or memory) to change things in the game.
08-10-17, 01:50 am
Sorry I meant location, not " lowation"
08-10-17, 02:45 am
I only have one more and that's all. Memory patches may be region-specific. So you'll need to provide each memory patch line in the Riivolution XML for every region (you're willing to support) of the game, so that the hacks will work correctly on those
08-10-17, 02:45 am
(CONTINUED) regions.
08-10-17, 09:04 pm
I'll do that soon. Sadly i have to rip them from depot packs found around the web
08-10-17, 09:04 pm
Also, some of them (such as DepotSMBW) edited the Star Coins, so i'll have to figure out where to put them
08-10-17, 09:05 pm
And not talking about videos to find (i don't have a capture card)...
08-13-17, 06:18 pm
Sure. I'll send you a PM
08-14-17, 06:06 pm
Why? They're not useless, though. And I use them to indicate if any post is helpful to me and if it works out for me and such.
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