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 Fruit Smasher
07-08-17, 08:15 pm
idk It looks organized already
07-10-17, 12:04 pm
Fruitsmasher is being an ass
07-10-17, 12:04 pm
 Fruit Smasher
07-11-17, 11:04 pm
it is
 Fruit Smasher
07-11-17, 11:04 pm
and 111 views
 Fruit Smasher
07-12-17, 12:01 am
it wouldn't do much tho
07-12-17, 07:48 pm
Yeah, I don't mind doing that. Can you send me it in a PM?
07-12-17, 07:52 pm
Okays. I can't do it this week but it'll be the summer holidays by the end of next week
07-12-17, 11:16 pm
Sorry, I meant to click on something and I accidently happened to click the Delete (X) button of your comment.
07-12-17, 11:17 pm
Yes, or while clicking on something.
07-12-17, 11:20 pm
What thread? The New Super Mario World thread?
07-12-17, 11:23 pm
I didn't have any intention of playing the hack nor am I interested in its progress. So I don't have an opinion on the thread, sorry.
 Fruit Smasher
07-31-17, 07:31 pm
it's a wip
08-03-17, 01:14 pm
No. I didn't save it, sorry.
 Fruit Smasher
08-03-17, 06:07 pm
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This is a sample post. It'll show what your posts will look like on the board.

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Wow this is really cool!

And this is some sample code

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