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Working on a hack off of NewerSMBW. I won't put it on the projects page for a while (probably when I'm about half done) but I might release a few sneak-peak levels in the depot. Stay tuned, if I ever decide to do that.
 Fruit Smasher
09-01-17, 05:51 am
09-01-17, 09:04 pm
Thank you! I started my hack of nsmbw after rvlution went down and I spent many hours prowling the deep internet for lost tutorials. Thankfully, I found this forum and I hope it will be useful to me, and I will be useful to it.
09-12-17, 12:16 am
Hello, yes I did.
09-12-17, 12:17 am
It's good to see many of the useful threads were saved.
And I finally found a place where I can announce my hack and ask for help!
09-30-17, 07:00 pm
Ah, nice!
10-01-17, 12:39 am
Indeed this is Iggster or iggy3434 also where is the "did I do well" in the level
10-01-17, 03:09 am
oh that, that was just a test message, when i get around to message code editing I'm gonna change it to "Why not go on a adventure yourself Luigi"
10-01-17, 03:31 pm
10-10-17, 12:31 am
Ah good, nice to hear!! I think you can do a very fun and challenging level with this mechanism.
11-26-17, 04:48 pm
Oh, thanks!

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Wow this is really cool!

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