Welcome to Horizon!

Horizon is a board centered around New Super Mario Bros. Wii hacking. Below is some information about the community that should get you on your feet.

Reggie! Next, milestone 3

The best version of Reggie! you will ever come accross. Not only is it activley being developed, but it comes with many bug fixes and features as well. These include the new quick paint tool, saving and bug fixes, working themes, and more.
Download the tool here. You can also request ideas here

Level Depot/NSMBW Database

The Level Depo is a place to submit your nsmbw/nsmbu levels, or to relax and play user submitted content. Search through a variety of levels from size, theme, and game!

We also have a Sprite Database! Help gather a better understanding of the game with other NSMBW modders.
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New level depot!
Posted on 12-29-17, 07:14 pm by Fruit Smasher
We now have a new level depo!

I re-wrote the entire level depo to introduce new features and a more user friendly experience.

Let me go through everything:
-The home page of the depo shows one of the following: Featured levels, trending levels, or older levels that are brought up in case you missed them. These categories come and go whenever you refresh the page.

-Each theme has their own sub page. This way you can see each theme individually! There is also an "all" tab for all recent submissions/themes

-New autumn theme added

-All depo submissions starting now will be relayed to the Level Showcase forum for discussion on said level

Coming soon
Special backgrounds for each theme subpage
Following tab to follow creators

That's about it, have fun depositing!
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Cloudy SMBU out now!
Posted on 11-19-17, 08:52 pm by Fruit Smasher
You heard it right! Cloudy SMBU is out now, made by koopa. More information can be found here
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Welcome to Horizon!
Posted on 07-01-17, 04:08 am by Toms
Welcome to Horizon, a brand new board focused on reviving NSMBW hacking! I'm happy to share that Fruit Smasher has coded in security features, new features, and general improvements to the board (more to come), and we've been hard at work in bring everyone here a NSMBW hack unlike any other.

From all of us on Horizon Team, we'd love to welcome you here
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