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Fruit Smasher
07-01-17, 05:12 pm
Fruit Smasher
07-01-17, 05:13 pm
hope you enjoy it
07-12-17, 02:57 pm
Since you're interested in NSMW, i need you to do me a favour. I need you to download NSMW's maps, and walk through them slowly. Why ? I want to rip the doodads so i can make even better maps. I would do this myself but i don't own a capture card
07-12-17, 07:49 pm
Sure, let me upload the files...
08-02-17, 11:09 pm
Are you still on hoilday ?
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This is a sample post. It'll show what your posts will look like on the board.

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Wow this is really cool!

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