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07-02-17, 03:36 pm
I realised a bit before you posted it
Fruit Smasher
08-13-17, 06:16 pm
hey can you reupload wanwan.arc in anything else but mega?
Fruit Smasher
08-13-17, 06:22 pm
Fruit Smasher
08-29-17, 04:48 pm
also, dunno if you know this, but you can view your depo account via the user drop-down
09-02-17, 04:56 pm
You have a level titled moss tower. You wanted another name. My recommendation is Lichen Climb or Mossy Ascent. Tower just sounds a bit boring but go with whatever you feel like.
09-11-17, 08:57 pm
09-12-17, 12:20 am
Hi Danster, it feels good to be back!!
09-24-17, 12:53 am
Thanks for inviting me, I might join tomorrow, it's getting late today for me.
09-24-17, 01:13 am
Do you text chat there or do you tall? I currently don't have the bandwidth to talk, tbh I can barely type right now (and I previously had 100MBit meh).
09-24-17, 01:13 am
09-24-17, 01:49 am
Ok cool, sounds good! I really have to go now, see you tomorrow.
09-24-17, 03:36 am
11-11-17, 06:44 pm
Yes, I don't want to go to the Discord. BTW, I'm not interested in going there at all.
11-26-17, 01:57 am
Congratulations! I hope to play your level soon. I delayed because it has stuff to add and I didn't want to ruin my dolphin.
12-16-17, 05:37 pm

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