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I don't have anything to say here, but I have a few infos I can provide here:

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Fruit Smasher
08-10-17, 01:46 am
hey just wanted to ask, when you do a memory patch, which file does it patch?
Fruit Smasher
08-10-17, 01:52 am
oh, ok. Do you have any more information regarding memory patches? Attempting to do some atm
Fruit Smasher
08-14-17, 06:03 pm
hey, just wanted to say you should stop saying "thanks for the info" and whatnot after every question.
Fruit Smasher
08-14-17, 06:07 pm
I'm pretty sure at this point people know you're thankful. Also, it fills up the post list on the home/forum menu
Fruit Smasher
08-14-17, 06:20 pm
And I guess I should also say: Your posts are very helpful.
09-30-17, 08:50 am
>I won't be active here
>500 posts
lol. cool that ur supporting the community a lot tho :p
Fruit Smasher
10-15-17, 08:46 pm
thanks for helping me regarding my question earlier
11-10-17, 12:47 pm
Your title is broken
11-10-17, 06:26 pm
11-10-17, 08:32 pm
Why those ? They even point to links...
11-11-17, 06:26 pm
Hey! You sure you don't want to join the Discord? We're normally talking there!
11-11-17, 06:53 pm
Oh. Well, okay
03-24-18, 05:14 pm
I hate to mention this but in: , you gave a link to Newer Dolphin. There is one problem though. When you open it up, it is possible to just play Newer without needing to extract some the files. I just downloaded
03-24-18, 05:15 pm
and all I had to do is open the boot thingy. Are you sure this is legal?
03-24-18, 06:16 pm
How is it legal in comparsion of an ISO file?
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Dry Bones
An average person.

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This is a sample post. It'll show what your posts will look like on the board.

Posted by someone
Wow this is really cool!

And this is some sample code

Don't expect me to be very active here, since I have plans, and many other things in my life.