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I don't have anything to say here, but I have a few infos I can provide here:

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07-08-17, 02:10 am
Where are you getting all these tutorials ? I've tried the wayback machine but i couldn't retrive many of them
07-08-17, 02:16 am
Glad you did, it's what i should have done. We have lost many great ones...
Fruit Smasher
07-08-17, 05:18 am
Man you're finding a lot of tutorials, it's almost like you have access to RVLution lol
07-12-17, 11:14 pm
Why did you delete my last comment ? There was nothing wrong in it...
07-12-17, 11:16 pm
Lol, it did happen two times already. You must be really distracted while tapping XD
07-12-17, 11:18 pm
Also RIP my thread. Did you like it at least ?
07-12-17, 11:21 pm
07-12-17, 11:24 pm
I just wanted a small feedback on the level design. Oh well.
Fruit Smasher
07-22-17, 06:59 pm
hey do you have a tutorial on how to compile code on linux?
Fruit Smasher
07-22-17, 06:59 pm
*newer source code
Fruit Smasher
07-31-17, 05:50 pm
I'm busy doing other stuff, I'll get to sticking them when I can
08-03-17, 01:12 pm
Do you happen to have saved Jason's tutorial to mute BRSTMs ?
08-03-17, 01:12 pm
It was here :
08-03-17, 04:46 pm
So you are done with tutorials, right ?
08-03-17, 11:29 pm
Oh, ok
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An average person.

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This is a sample post. It'll show what your posts will look like on the board.

Posted by someone
Wow this is really cool!

And this is some sample code

Don't expect me to be very active here, since I have plans, and many other things in my life.