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11-22-17, 12:46 am
Nice seeing you here!
Vadelma Kisu77
11-22-17, 06:54 am
11-27-17, 09:24 pm
Ah nice to see you here as well, Vadelma Kisu77!
Sure you can send me PMs here or even better, emails:
You're also invited to join the board's Discord channel.
12-08-17, 10:57 pm
Please come to the Discord now, there are people who can help you!
01-13-18, 10:44 pm
fucc u im gurgee
Vadelma Kisu77
01-14-18, 11:46 am
02-20-18, 05:16 pm
Im having trouble to read text on tour posts, i have to mark text to have a chance to be able to read... (Good english XD)
Vadelma Kisu77
02-22-18, 02:41 pm
I deleted my layout is it now easier?
02-22-18, 03:28 pm
Yes, but i didnt mean delete it, i ment maybie change text color...
Vadelma Kisu77
02-22-18, 05:20 pm
I'll make a new one soon propably.

Red Goomba
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This is a sample post. It'll show what your posts will look like on the board.

Posted by someone
Wow this is really cool!

And this is some sample code

NSMBW hacking is awesome.