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Posted on 11-28-17, 12:39 pm

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Thank you!
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Posted on 02-06-18, 05:44 am (rev. 1 by Tri z on 02-06-18, 05:47 am)
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Looks awesome. Thanks for investing ur time and sharing with us
Nm. Link seems to be dead. Too bad I was looking forward to it after playing so many other nsmb hacks. It’s my new drug and I’m hooked
Posted on 02-06-18, 07:23 am (rev. 2 by 9211tr on 02-06-18, 07:34 am)

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The link to the NSMBU hack isn't dead, it still works for me.

Also, if you're browsing the forums on a mobile device (and you're trying to download the NSMBU hack there), URLs/links (in posts on the forums) are broken on mobile devices. So, you should go on your computer and try to download the NSMBU hack there.

If the link still doesn't work (even if you're on a computer), then it's an issue on your end (and I don't know how to help you).
Don't expect me to be very active here, since I have plans, and many other things in my life.
Posted on 02-14-18, 02:10 pm
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Is their an EU version?
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