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With the themed contests getting kind of boring, I decided to change up the idea. This time, the only theme the levels should have is that they are toad-house-esque. Any form of toad house will be accepted. For example, you could make a challenge house with a powerup reward or make a maze with a prize at certain endpoints. Really, the concept is up to you.

Newer or Original Super Mario Bros Wii levels are accepted. Please do not make any major changes though. Changes that are accepted are...
● Customized Tilesets
● Customized Music/Sounds
● Customized Models
● Customized Backgrounds
Changes that are not accepted are...
● Customized Sprites
If you have a change that isn’t listed here, please comment and ask me whether it is allowed or not.

The following contains the exact system that will be used for scoring. It might look complicated, but reading it is important. Categories for points include concept, bugs, beauty, and bonus.


The due date will not be announced yet, because there are a lot of problems we have had with meeting these dates. Please do not work on this with somebody else, because that means less competitors. Once three people are competing in the contest, a due date will be announced, probably about 2 months from now. Good luck!!!

I just would like to know who's in.

I'll be judging the contest along with Fruitsmasher.

Both CLF78 and Vadelma Kisu have decided that they don't have enough time to complete the project. Thankfully, Cloudy Luigi is now thinking about joining!

Nobody felt like joining. Cancelled until further notice.
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Im joining this contest its a intresting idea.
Moved to NSMBU hacking because weegee.
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Yes, i'm joining this one as well. Good luck everybody !
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