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Welcome to Horizon, a brand new board focused on reviving NSMBW hacking! I'm happy to share that Fruit Smasher has coded in security features, new features, and general improvements to the board (more to come), and we've been hard at work in bring everyone here a NSMBW hack unlike any other.

From all of us on Horizon Team, we'd love to welcome you here
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Dat weeb NSMBU hacker though :3

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It seems to have also become the home of NSMBU.

Let's all try to get along, I guess... ?
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This is gonna be good.

It's also a good reason to start playing Mario Wii again.
Posted on 07-02-17, 09:19 pm
Nice try bud :)

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Would MK8 be here since RHC is down for that matter?
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Um, this forum isn't supposed to be a replacement for RHC. So no.

Besides, there's already a different site that hacks MK8, m8.